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  1. Mujas
    Grokus 10.12.2019
    Tear Blood Gem broke? So I just got the tear blood gem, my first +healing regen gem. I put it in the triangle slot of my saw spear since no other gems I have fit that slot. Thing is it's not working. Is this gem bugged or does it have to coincide with a specific gem slot, despite fitting into the triangle slot?.
  2. Dizragore
    Tugul 13.12.2019
    Nov 22,  · BS&T fans fall into 4 camps: the 1st which prefers the Al Kooper led original group and the album Child is Father to the Man, the 2nd that prefers only the second eponymously titled album, which was the group's most popular, the 3rd camp that loves the first two albums and the 4th camp that loves all of the group's albums. This box is definitely for them.

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